1. M/s. Regency International Garments Ltd, Chennai. Garment unit

700 TR

Vapour Absorption Chiller Completed
2. M/s. Regency Three Ltd.
Garment unit 350 TR Vapour Absorption Chiller Completed
3. M/s. R.K Investments
IT Park 1000 TR Air Cooled Screw Chiller Completed
4. M/s. Kenpark Bangladesh Pvt Ltd ( Unit - I), Bangladesh. Garment unit 600 TR (Retrofit) Vapour Absorption Chiller Completed
5. M/s. Imperial Garments Ltd.
Garment Unit 200 TR Vapour Absorption Chiller Completed
6. M/s. Anand Engineering.
Engg unit 100 TR Air Cooled PAC’S Completed
7. M/s. Techno Doors,
Office Block 100 TR VRV Completed
8. M/s. Star Boxes
Office Block 100 TR VRV Completed
9. M/s. Kenpark Apparels Ltd ( Unit-II)
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Garment Industry 700 TR Vapour Absorption Chiller Completed
10. M/s. Saint Gobain
VFD Control Panel Air
35TR Water Cooled  Screw Chiller Completed
11. M/s. Crystal Martin UK Pvt Ltd
Garment air conditioning 1 x 250TR Water Cooled Chillers Completed
12. M/s. Vasantha Jewellers
Kandy, Srilanka.
Show room air conditioning 20TR Air Cooled PAC’S Completed
13. M/s. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Clean room
Class 10000
100TR Air Cooled Screw Chillers Completed
14. M/s. Lapiz Technologies, DLF
Work station 80TR Low Side Works Completed
15. M/s. SRF Ltd
Manali, Chennai.
UPS room Air Conditioning 150TR Chilled Water System. Completed
16. M/s. Technip Cold Shell Air Conditioning
work of IT Park.
1000TR Chilled Water and VRF Completed
17. M/s. Kwungtong apparels Ltd
Air conditioning of garment factory 1000TR Chilled Water Plant Completed
18. M/s. IDFC, (Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation)
Chennai, India
Data Centre, UPS Room,
Work station, etc.
40TR. X 2Nos.
Precision Air Conditioners,
Chilled Water System,
Variable Refrigerant Flow
19. M/s. Balaji Hospital
Chennai, India
Clean room Lab 5.5TR Ductable Unit with Booster
20. M/s. Natronix
Sriperumpudur, India
Clean room of assembly shop 1200TR Chilled Water System On going
21. M/s. SRF Ltd.
Chennai, ndia
Study of existing air conditioning system and proposal for improvement 1500TR Chilled Water System Completed
22. M/s. Saint Gobain Glass (I)Ltd,
Sriperumpudur, India
Study of energy saving in existing clean room and submitting a proposal 150 TR Chilled Water System Completed
23. M/s. Nuchem Weir Pvt Ltd
Ventilation system for STP at Hilton Hotel   Ventilation System Completed
24. M/s. Impala Hotel
Air conditioning of guest room and public areas 300TR Chilled Water System On going
25. M/s. Pioneer Elastic India Pvt. Ltd.
Vishakapatnam, India
Garment Unit 200TR Chilled Water System with Screw Chiller Ongoing
26. M/s. Hindustan Unilever
Pune, India
Storage Room 20TR Low Humidity System Ongoing
27. M/s Hindustan Unilever
Hosur, India
Packing Hall & Process   Dehumidification System Ongoing
28. M/s MIET
Trichy, India
Prayer Hall Cooling   Evaporative Cooling System Ongoing
29. M/s. Kenpark Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Green Building Certification 700TR
Energy saving in existing AC Plant Ongoing
30. M/s. Larsen &Toubro Ltd.
Chennai, India
TATA Power Plant control room & office 200TR Chilled Water System Ongoing
31. M/s. Larsen &Toubro Ltd.
Chennai, India
Corporate Office 100TR VRF System On going
32. M/s. Coimbatore Club Bar & Restaurant 22TR Ductable Unit System Ongoing
33. M/s. Vishay Transducer
Sriperumpudur, India
Factory 300 TR Chilled Water & VRF System Ongoing
34. M/s SKCL
Guindy, Chennai
Call-Centre Air Conditioning 200TR Cold Shell Air Conditioning Design Completed
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